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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

floral park...

rose, christilynn and i were kinda excited about participating for the third year at the floral park antique and vintage show last weekend, but wow!  what a disappointment...not necessarily about the sales, although they were poor, but the conduct of the people...most of which live in that community...when we were packing up!  it was a real bummer while loading our vehicles at the end of a very long day, that some of the vendors were yelling and being mean to other vendors that were just trying their best to be out of the way and packing up their wares...what sucks even more is that a man, a resident of floral park, decided to barge through and hit my mirror and break it!  thanks to rose, a dear friend of mine that litteraly got in front of his car and stopped him because she saw that he broke it!  now, that's a great friend!  i got his info and his wife assured me that they were nice and would "do the right thing" but when my sweet husband called them today, after getting an estimate, they back  peddled big time!  i'm so over people smoozing to your face and walking away and being a kook!!!
i, for sure, will not participate in that show again!!!
on the great side...check out the pictures of our booth...it turned out super cute!

oh yeah...christilynn wanted to show you pretty smile!



Sue said...

Oh, people are oh so much fun!! Welcome to my world and by the way, Rose is just the best, isn't she? Sorry it sucked and you had to deal with a jackass on top of it all!
Take care, Sue

Rose C. said...

Robin, thanks to you and Christilynn for letting me share the booth and the day. I had lots of fun (until the end!) and love the combos you guys did! Can't wait to hear what happen about the car! Rats.

Gracefully Vintage said...

WOw,so sorry to hear that, amazing sometimes how adults can act-
But i do love what i see- some lovely pieces.. Wish i could of gone.

Annie Louise said...

Your booth looked great!! Too bad the jerk spoiled the lovely atmosphere created by your gorgeous booth. Hard to believe how stupid and morally corrupt some people can be. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

My Vintage Treasures said...

Your booth looks as amazing as always!!! What are people thinking these days...CRAZY!!!

Have an amazing weekend :)

robin de koning said...

thanks for all the support! people do know how to change the atmosphere of the day in a second don't they...
it was a lovely day and thanks to both rose and christilynn...and special thanks to those of you that came by and said our booth was "the best ever"...we love you and you are the reason we do this...well, you and our kid's sports teams...hahahahaha!

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